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by Oct 16, 2018Trade & Market Updates

There have been a few interesting developments with our ICO projects of late.

Neufund continues to make good progress and I’m increasingly bullish about its prospects.

Other projects have slowed slightly…and now seems a good time to give an update on what we might expect over the next few months.

Let’s start with NEU.

Since my last update, the Neumark was one of the very rare coins that experienced some real growth in the market.

It more than doubled from our ICO purchase price to near $.90 but has since done an almost complete retrace.

The reason it enjoyed some gains was due to its continuing partnership with Binance and expansion in Malta with the aim of becoming the world’s leading secondary market for tokenised securities.

It made a very interesting purchase in this regard recently.

My outlook is very bullish for this one. Neumark has listed on Liqui and HitBTC, but the big lift will come when it launches on a major exchange. Given that no US exchange has yet to list as a broker-dealer, I wouldn’t expect to see NEU on Poloniex, Bittrex or Kraken until after the platform is live.

Initial Token Price: £0.71 

Price Now: £0.287


Unfortunately Copytrack hasn’t performed as well. It’s now down even further from the last update. But this has much less to do with fundamentals which are still strong in my view.

First of all Copytrack announced a partnership with WENN Media Group for an exclusive infringement rights deal. 

It has also been very busy in general engaging with the copyright industry and building brand awareness.

They did made a bit of a blunder during the operation of their ICO when they sent 530 ETH instead of 530 CPY to an investor. They attempted to sue the investor but he has now passed away. It’s a relatively small loss considering what they raised but the whole incident jolted confidence in the proficiency of the technical team. The payment should have been automated for starters.

Still a high risk punt but with huge upside potential.

Initial Token Price: £0.18

Price Now: £0.036


Our play on digital identity is the most unimpressive of the lot in terms of financial fundamentals.

Although it has managed to make some recent staff additions and released new software that was recently presented at Blockchain Live, it still hasn’t secured any exchange listings of note.

I’m assuming this is down to a softly, softly approach to stay on the right side of the regulators which is to be commended.

This is still one to keep on the backburner.


Cappasity has been busy: from adding an analytics system for enterprise to announcing a partnership with a well-known AR platform to releasing MVP of its 3D view software for iPhones.

This hasn’t yet been reflected in the market. It sorely lacks liquidity and major exchange listings but these are self-fulfilling prophecies.

As long as it keeps doing what it’s doing, I’m confident that one major exchange will list it and when that happens, the returns on this project will be huge.

MGO’s recent listing on Bitfinex with an associated price pump after months in the doldrums is evidence of what awaits the patient and diligent. 

Price in ICO: £0.027

Price now: £0.0069 


In the same vein as CappasityTrusted Health, our blockchain health care choice, has an awful lot going on in terms of terms of tech and brand fundamentals but its also struggling and/or playing the long game with its token.

After securing a listing on Yobit, there hasn’t been much demand. It is very thinly traded, currently at a price of 0.00000033 BTC.

Potential return remains the same: the potential for a five figure percentage return with this high risk punt.

There’s not much to report in terms of progress on our two most recent coins: You42and OIO. Both are great projects, with excellent teams and could perform well during the next big upswing.

I’ll get back to you on these as soon as we see any interesting developments.

All Eyes on Bitcoin

As I said when we invested in these ICOs, it’s a long game.

I think in the case of Cappasity and Trusted Health that game could take a little longer than for Neufund.  But as long as the teams are busy and making exciting announcements, this isn’t something that troubles me.

There have been a few other bits of news that are well worth pointing out….

We have seen another set of big players coming in to cater for the big funds.

This is setting the scene for a big wall of professional money to enter the crypto market over the next year.

And we are also seeing increasing cooperation between crypto exchanges and the regulators.

All positive news.

Right now, it’s all eyes on Bitcoin.

If we see another lurch downwards, then that could be the signal to start accumulating coins again. I’m already beginning to drip feed money into the market in expectation of another cycle.

Of course, Michael and I will keep you updated on this as we go.

If you have any questions at all, then hop on to the Facebook group and we can get a discussion going there.

Best regards,


The Crypto Traders’ Academy Team 

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