Dear Friend,

Amazon changed the way we shop…

Facebook changed the way we connect with people…

Now a new financial system has been built which will change the way we trade, lend and exchange currencies, assets and anything of value forever.

It’s global
It’s instant
It’s free

And more importantly it bypasses the need for financial institutions or intermediaries.

No more rate rigging… no more insider trades…

No more global financial crashes caused by greedy bankers placing reckless bets using OUR money…

This could have the most profound effect on the financial sector since the creation of the first stock exchange in 1602.

And if you’re quick, I believe there are life changing gains to be made as this revolution gathers pace…

But only if you act fast and decisively.

Most people have still never even heard of this but that will change fast…

The momentum is building…

Over $30 billion was traded on this in the last month alone.

But this is just the start. I want to ensure you’re primed and ready before this hits the mainstream and swoops into markets worth a potential $95 trillion.

Why I believe 2,048%1,624%852% gains could be made in the coming months as this story unfolds

Change is coming…

We watched, in horror, in 2008 when the banks’ reckless lending practices on sub-prime loans led to a global financial crash.

Poor regulation… lack of accountability… bare-faced greed…

When the housing bubble burst and prices collapsed it set off a huge global chain of events which lead to loan defaults, foreclosures and terminal economic decline.

Their reckless gambling cost the UK economy an estimated £7.4 trillion… and the US economy upwards of $22 trillion.

We then saw how they were BAILED OUT by our governments, virtually with impunity…

And yet still, despite sending the global markets to ruin…

Despite millions losing their homes…

Despite taxpayers footing the bill…

These city bankers PAID THEMSELVES £13 billion in bonuses following the bailout.

And they did this because there is no effective system or procedure in place to stop it happening.

Yet this ‘broken’ system STILL underpins $350 trillion worth of transactions…

Just FOUR years after the great financial crash they were at it again…

A group of major, international banks were found guilty of falsely inflating and deflating global interest rates (LIBOR) to profit from trades.

For years they had operated like cartels regularly rigging the system.

And they did this purely for corporate and personal gain.

These are the institutions who are trusted to facilitate all financial transactions worth an estimated $350 trillion.

One trader from Barclays suggested that for every 0.01% they moved the Libor rate, those involved could net “about a couple of million dollars.”

Investigators are still unravelling the extent of the fraud. It’s likely this has been going on for decades, with 20 major banks now named in investigations.

Yet despite all the fines, bailouts and reforms, the system is still rife with manipulation.

And up until now we have had no choice but to trust them with our national and personal wealth.

But now, for the very first time a genuine alternatives exists…

A system which allows people to trade freely and securely from anywhere without fear of foul play or manipulation.

It cuts out the middlemen making transactions faster, cheaper and more secure

So how do you fix a broken and corrupt means of exchange?

You remove any possibility of manipulation or incentive for greed.

The only way to do this is to take away the human element.

People trust reliable, efficient, ‘emotionless’ code over greedy bankers.

Code doesn’t want to treat itself to expensive holidays or fast cars or get itself into debt.

It’s also incapable of lying, stealing or making mistakes.

Most of us are already very happy to let automation do the heavy lifting in situations where it can save us time and money.

Algorithms facilitate Google searches…

They enable online shopping…

They allow us to connect with friends and family online…

In fact we’ve already done this with some elements of the banking system.

We now trust code to allow simple money transfers between bank accounts (which is why when you send money using an app it goes through instantly instead of spending 2 days going through a clearing house).

But what we haven’t done, until now, is remove the corporations at the top having the ability to control them.

This allows people to freely lend, borrow and trade with one another safely and automatically

Instead of banks and traders setting rates and ‘facilitating’ transactions, this algorithm does all the work.

But it goes much further…

This code and the system it’s built on is completely transparent and unfungible.

That means it can’t be tampered with or manipulated.

This is important and this is why it makes it such an effective stock market killer.

If you trade X for Y that’s exactly what you’ll get and at a fixed rate.

There are no sorting houses or middle men.

No ghost parties swooping in to manipulate the rates or take a cut.

That’s what this new system of exchange offers.

And that’s why it is scaling so quickly…

And it’s why I believe, as this takes hold, this could offer one of the best returns on investment in a generation, but only if you’re quick…

Stick with me, I’ll show you exactly how to invest in and trade this easily, quickly and safely.

An automated Stock Exchange in your pocket

What’s remarkable is that all of this happens on the basis of a simple 3 letter formula.

This revolutionary platform runs entirely off its users…

And because it’s built on cryptography it can’t be hacked, manipulated or controlled by a third party.

This formula works so well it already sustains cooperation between hundreds of thousands of people every day.

It can run from anywhere, your desktop, your mobile phone.

And it doesn’t need any intermediaries to run…

In the same way AirBnB allows you to rent an apartment without an estate agent…

Or Uber allows you to hire a driver without phoning a taxi office…

Or eBay lets you sell items without a bricks and mortar shop…

The algorithm facilitates trades between individuals instantly and automatically.

It actually rewards and incentivises users… rather than lining the bankers’ pockets

The current systems of exchange only reward the wealthy elite.

The centralised providers: huge international banks and financial institutions who set the rules and reap the benefits…

Whereas this allows its users (ordinary people) to earn fees by adding liquidity to it.

This creates an incentive for people to use it in the first place.

But eventually, with enough liquidity, you’ll be able to swap any asset on the system without having to charge a fee, and that’s when it becomes truly revolutionary.

Essentially, what this does is balance out the value of assets on the platform by swapping them, based on how much people want to buy or sell them.

It doesn’t need to actually match any buyer or sellers during a transaction.

It just runs a simple instruction and everything balances automatically based on the formula.

And it works beautifully.

The total value of assets locked into this platform already soared since June last year.

Over $2 billion is now traded on this in a single day… yet most people have never even heard of it!

This isn’t a working theory…

It’s already LIVE.

It’s already popular.

It already has a network of highly active users after just 2 years.

And there is a network effect just as there was with Facebook and Amazon.

The more the network scales, the more useful the network becomes.

And the more people use it, the more it attracts others to its network.

I believe this is on course for a huge spike in value over the next 2 – 3 years.

Right now some 200 teams are currently building different projects leveraging it as a base layer, such as for margin trading.

This has a LONG way to go.

The good news for investors is that it’s still early days in terms of profit potential.

Most people have still never heard of it.

But there isn’t much time…

It’s growing exponentially and when it truly scales the returns could be mind boggling.

This asset has already appreciated in value by 470% since I first recommended it to my readers in November last year…

I don’t want you to miss out on what could be the greatest wealth generating opportunity we’ll see in our lifetimes.

Sound dramatic?

Good, it should do.

If you’re ready to join me and find out how you can get in on the action, as well as other potential ‘game changer’ assets I’ve picked out that I believe could have the potential to go up 2,048%1,624%852% or more, click here to get started:

The timing couldn’t be better.

People are fed up of the old order, of Wall Street and of big banks exploiting the system and reaping all the rewards.

People are already taking matters into their own hands… fed up of greedy, billionaire bankers playing a system that’s rigged in their favour

In January 2021, Gamestop, a computer game retailer’s, share price dipped to $5.

When they announced they were closing 450 of its shops a group of major, global hedge funds decided to cash in on their misfortune.

They placed a short (a bet) that Gamestop’s share price would plummet.

This meant that if the share price dropped they stood to make huge profits, but if it increased they would lose billions.

12 years on from the financial crash and we’re still seeing how Wall Street, who control trillions of dollars worth of assets, continue to try and manipulate the markets and place cynical bets.

To them it seemed like a safe gamble, the writing was on the wall for Gamestop…

But people are fed up.

They’re tired of being exploited and manipulated.

And that’s when the internet swung into action.

Disgusted by the cynical, bare-faced greed of these Wall Street bankers, members of an online group called Reddit put out a call for their members to buy stock in Gamestop.

And something incredible happened…

The day ordinary people took on Wall Street and won

The share price of Gamestop began to surge…

More websites, forums and media outlets picked up on the story and the momentum built even further.

Gamestop shares rocketed from $5 to nearly $500 in days.

The short bet placed by the hedge funds was smashed to pieces.

According to Ortex (via Business Insider) they lost an estimated $16 billion from the manoeuvre.

One fund, Melvin Capital, lost so heavily they’ve even had to seek a rescue package.

Ordinary people had taken on the Wall Street bankers and won.

It’s already being hailed as a huge victory against a system which only benefits a small group of elites…

A small group of elites, who as we’ve seen, often don’t play by the rules and will stop at nothing to line their already rich pockets.

But this just revealed deeper problems…

But while Wall Street licks its wounds…

And the internet celebrates…

This move has revealed something just as troubling.

Despite the explosion of online trading companies in recent years the current platforms open to retail investors aren’t open, transparent or fair.

Many people used an app called Robinhood to buy shares in Gamestop. It’s a popular trading platform with over 13 million users.

However as Gamestop’s share price began to surge, Robinhood suddenly decided to block its users from buying any more shares.

They claimed they did this to “protect investors” from a potential crash and that it was “a risk-management decision, and was not made on the direction of the market makers we route to.”

It turns out you can only place trades IF it suits them.

So now it’s not just Wall Street manipulating the markets to their own ends, it appears even the tools for ordinary investors are rigged.

You can’t trust the old financial institutions and you can’t trust trading platforms run by billionaire corporations.

But there’s another twist in this saga…

Now Wall Street are investing in the very same system that’s designed to put them out of business

It’s the ultimate irony…

The same banking giants, hedge funds and institutional investors who in the past have tried to manipulate the existing system to their own ends are getting in on the action.

They’ve seen the writing on the wall…

They know that eventually this technology will replace the financial systems of the past and present (because it’s already happening).

But they also know there is NOTHING they can do to stem the tide.

The best they can hope for is to have a financial stake in its progress.

(After all they’re not about to stand by and see others make these huge gains without taking a share of the profits).

So now they’re investing in the very system setup to destroy them.

They can still make outrageous profits in the process, even if it means they no longer control the mechanics of the system as market makers…

… they can still make money in the year to come as investors.

And this is incredible news for us.

Right now you can profit from this tidal wave of institutional money as it floods this market

If you’re positioned right you can profit from the deluge.

Let me just put the sheer scale of these developments into context.

Right now the market capital of these markets is around $1 trillion.

That’s with VERY little institutional investment.

But now that these barriers to entry are finally being lifted it paves the way for investment from banks, hedge funds, pension groups, mutual funds and investment trusts.

And this will dwarf anything we’ve seen before.

Hedge funds manage assets of around…

$3.235 trillion

Pension groups manage assets somewhere in the region of…

$20 trillion

Remember, as it stands these markets are worth just $1 trillion.

As the institutional money floods in prices will skyrocket.

And the figures we’ve just talked about are peanuts when you look at the size of the global Stock Markets and the Gold Market.

The total market cap of Gold is estimated at around $8 trillion and the world’s stock markets are worth a staggering $73 trillion.

In other words we’ve barely scratched the surface…

That’s why it’s important to act now.

You want to be ready the moment this money comes flooding in.

Based on my analysis I believe you could make 2,048%… 1,624%… 852% or more returns from this (I’ll explain why in just a moment).

And the good news is you don’t have to lift a finger.

You don’t have to do any market analysis, research, or monitoring.

I do all that for you.

You can simply copy the moves of a professional trader who has successfully navigated the last 6 market cycles.

If you’re ready to join me I’d love to welcome you onboard.

Just click on the button below and you can enjoy my advice for a full 30 days risk-free:

Don’t be the person that looks back on this moment with regret

This is a watershed moment…

Right now you have a choice.

You could be the person who stands idly by and watches these events unfold.

Who looks back in 6 months… 12 months… or a few years’ time and thinks “if only I had got involved then.”

Or you could be the person who actually takes action.

So far we’ve talked about how one project, a revolutionary new system of exchange, is scaling at a phenomenal rate. From $30k worth of trades a day to over $2 billion a day in under 2 years.

This is ONE element in a much larger ecosystem of projects built and run on cryptography, the technology behind this.

You will have also heard of Bitcoin, the original project in this space often dubbed ‘digital gold’. Since launching in 2009 it has been the best performing asset in history soaring from just 10 cents a coin… to over $35k a coin today.

To put that into perspective…

If you had invested just $100 in 2009 you would be $35.8 million richer today

Of course it’s easy to look back in hindsight…

While I believe Bitcoin will continue to increase in value, it won’t see anything close to these kinds of gains going forward.

But that doesn’t matter in the slightest…

Because once you have seen with your own eyes which NEW projects have real potential…

The next Bitcoins… the next ground breaking crypto projects…

THAT’S when those that take action could make potentially life changing profits.

My name is Michael Mac.

I took action in 2013 and I have successfully traded every crypto market cycle since.

I was an early investor in the crypto markets.

Yes, I know even the word ‘crypto’ scares a lot of people off but bear with me.

Crypto and the blockchain (the foundation of which it is built on) is THE emerging technology.

It’s already being implemented in everything from banking to healthcare.

And from an investment perspective it is now a global $1 trillion market and expanding rapidly, up 300% in the last 12 months alone.

There are bull and bear market cycles in crypto just as there are in any market, they just tend to be faster and bigger.

That’s why I call it the stock market on steroids.

Where else could you make these kinds of returns on a single asset in under 12 months?

I first got involved in 2013 when I was working as a lead engineering consultant for a renewable energy company.

I managed teams of 20 or more on large-scale, multi-million pound windfarm projects.

While I enjoyed the challenge, I also wanted a way out of the corporate routine and the relentless pressure.

At the time an economist friend introduced me to Bitcoin and the crypto space.

He was convinced that this ‘digital money’ and the blockchain technology behind it could be the future of money…

It really caught my attention.

This was a decentralised platform that couldn’t be controlled or manipulated by governments…

A way for people in countries with high inflation, corrupt governments or little access to banks to store digital assets and make transactions.

At the time, Bitcoin was trading below $250 (today a single Bitcoin is worth $33,656).

I dipped my toes in and before long I found myself quitting my well-paid job to trade full time.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself.

I banked 50X returns from the 2017 – 2018 boom alone

I’m not telling you this to brag or boast and I’m certainly not suggesting you’ll become a millionaire overnight from crypto trading…

But I do want to show you that I’m the ‘real deal’.

I have been actively trading the crypto markets since 2013.

It’s enabled me to quit the 9-5 and live in 8 countries around the world. Because all you need is a laptop and an internet connection for this.

And it’s made me the kind of money I’d never dreamed possible.

But let’s be clear, I made plenty of mistakes along the way.

As a newbie trader I went in gung-ho without having the foggiest idea about the market cycles or which cryptos to invest in.

I traded on pure adrenalin and emotion instead of focussing on the only two things that really matter:

1) The market cycle and 2) The fundamentals of each asset: the story behind the tech… the real world use cases.

As with any form of trading if you don’t know what you’re doing you can lose money as fast as you can make it.

But if you know how to read the signs, there is almost no limit as to how much you can make from this.

And right now we are at a major crossroads.

Everything has been building up to this point…

My goal is to show you how you could make serious returns from these markets without any of the stress

But I need to warn you right now…

If you’re interested you’ll need to act now because this story is unfolding fast.

On April 1st and 2nd 2019 I informed my members that I believed that we could be at the start of the next crypto boom.

Since then the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum has already gone up 750% and 892% respectively.

But this is just the start and we have a LONG way to go.

The real gains are yet to come and there are a number of other crypto assets I believe have huge potential in the coming boom.

Some of these assets have the potential to go up 30X… 50X or even 100X over the coming months.

But the wheels are already turning…

And I really don’t want you to miss out.

The media is getting wind of this and ground-breaking projects involving cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have just been announced by global corporations.

Each of these could send prices soaring imminently.

Facebook, JP Morgan and Mitsubishi have all announced their entry into the crypto space…

These are yet more signs that Crypto is on the verge of becoming mainstream…

Facebook have announced that they plan to launch a cryptocurrency called ‘GlobalCoin’.

And there’s a growing list of major corporations preparing to launch cryptocurrencies.

These include JPMorgan, Japanese messaging service ‘Line’, Japan’s biggest bank MUFG…

… everyone from Air Asia to Paris Saint-Germain.

David Birch (named as one of the top ten most influential voices in banking) of Consult Hyperion, sees a future where the privatisation of money will become so commonplace that local hospitals, supermarkets and even HMRC will launch their own cryptocurrencies.

And this isn’t science fiction…

There are huge benefits for private and public sector firms who use cryptocurrency.

These include security, the removal of intermediary steps, middlemen and enormous cost savings.

And right now there’s ONE very unique group of cryptocurrencies that I predict will be the big stars of 2021.

Join me and I’ll share my findings with you.

So far we’ve talked about just 3 picks in a basket of assets I’ve identified in this space which have the potential to go up 2,048%1,624%852% or more from here

This is just the start…

Up until now we’ve focused on a few of my favourite assets in this space at the moment.

Join me and I’ll immediately share this pick with you and show you exactly how to invest in it safely and easily.

It’s a ground-breaking idea that could change the financial system of exchanging wealth and assets…

More importantly a ground-breaking idea that is already being put into practice…

It’s real and it is happening right now.

The network effect is taking hold.

But as I said this is only one of a basket of assets that I’m monitoring.

There are a number of other ground breaking projects which I believe have the potential not just to change the way we do things in the future…

…but make early investors potentially life-changing profits.

I want that to be you.

I don’t want you to miss out on the next wave of profits.

Imagine being able to get in on the Amazons, eBays and Facebooks of tomorrow…

Only this time you’re not having to wait for Zuckerberg or Bezos to launch their big IPO and let the little guys fight over the crumbs.

There is no barrier to entry.

You can get in now.

And the profits stand to be even greater.

I truly believe some of these projects could make you life-changing returns over the coming months and years.

But you need to act fast.

The pace of adoption and investment is gathering pace.

As I said major institutional money is starting to flood in…

I don’t want you to miss out on this.

I truly believe this is the future.

Join me in the Crypto Traders’ Academy and I’ll show you how and where to invest in projects which I believe could make life-changing returns in this market cycle and beyond.

I’ll show you what I’m buying, when I’m buying and when I’m selling so that you can trade alongside me.

I’ll also pick out projects which could evolve from here and have the potential to be even more world-changing and even more profitable for early investors.

I’ll share my top picks that I believe could make 10X, 30X, even 100X returns

Everyone knows about Bitcoin…

Many people have heard about Ethereum as well.

There are also another 6,175 other cryptocurrencies.

Some of these are ridiculously cheap at the moment and though higher risk investments, could have the potential to make 10X, 30X and possibly even 100X gains or more.

Right now there are a unique group of assets which I’m keeping a very close eye on.

I believe over the coming months and years these could become a genuine challenger for cash and bank transfers and if they do, the technology and cryptocurrencies that power these could have genuine ‘moon shot’ potential.

Join me and I’ll keep you fully informed every step of the way.

I look at every crypto asset, tear it apart and ask difficult questions:

• Does the underlying technology have growth potential?

• Do the team behind the crypto have the necessary investment and funding?

• Does it have a genuine, real-world use?

• Are there any geo-political considerations that could affect its growth?

As well as maintaining my personal crypto holdings, I’ve shared my advice with a select group of traders over the years (most of them completely new to trading before they joined).

You can see their comments throughout this report. I’d love to help you enjoy the same success.

This is a way to profit from the crypto boom by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

Once you’re in you don’t have to do anything…

How many investments can you hand-on-heart say that about?

You just need to go through the initial set up (I’ll show you how in step-by-step detail) invest in the key crypto assets I believe have true potential in the coming boom and then leave it be.

I’ll give you regular updates on the market cycle so that you’ll know when’s the best time to cash out.

And you’ll have that reassurance that someone is monitoring the market at all times for you.

I’ll also let you know about any superstar assets on the horizon which have the kind of potential to make you 30X or 100X gains or more.

This is the kind of opportunity where people will say:

“If only I had got in on this earlier”.

That’s exactly what people said to me after the last boom.

They saw the people that I’d helped navigate the previous cycles buy houses with their crypto profits…

… or start their own businesses, take completely different career paths and even retire completely.

I don’t want you to kick yourself in a few years time.

This could be a way to make incredible returns from what I believe could be the biggest boom we’ll see in any market in our lifetimes.

Copy a professional crypto trader and learn how to pick out the hottest trades

In 2017 I created the CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY.

I called the top of the boom within the space of a few weeks and successfully picked out the bottom of the market by just days.

As a member of the Crypto Traders’ Academy, you’ll be coached, supported and advised how to trade the incredible opportunities that are about to unfold.

And identify the cryptos that could pull in 10X, 30X, even 100X gains.

Some of these could even bank 200X gains or more like they did in the last boom market cycle.

Yes, of course there are risks.

Many of the cryptos out there right now won’t be around in a few years’ time.

That’s why you need to know which ones stand to profit the most as this market keeps growing.

Start your risk-free trial membership today and you can learn how I invest and trade.

Once inside the Crypto Traders’ Academy you’ll find a step-by-step online training programme based on the exact same strategy I use.

You’ll start with a fast-track course in basic crypto investing – from setting up an account to buying your first crypto.

You’ll also enjoy access to a private members-only forum where you can get answers, share experiences and learn the insider buzz on what’s happening in the crypto markets.

And here’s the best bit…

You’ll get tipped off (by email and in the member Facebook group) to new buying and selling opportunities I’ve uncovered, including the exact instructions on what and how to buy.

That means plenty of trading opportunities as the current boom market cycle begins and the chance to make potentially life changing profits.

You’ll also be invited to webinars where you can hone your skills, learn new trading techniques and ask questions.

You’ll never be left scratching your head wondering what to do next…

• You don’t need any previous experience and can start with as little as £100 (although I do recommend a starting bank of £1,000)

• You won’t be a slave to your screen or forced to time your entry and exit points to the millisecond

• You don’t have to use spread or binary betting to take advantage

If you realise what an amazing opportunity this is, then I urge you to join the Crypto Traders’ Academy and start your trial membership right now.

And let me reassure you…

You haven’t missed the boat.

Despite the recent gains, it’s still VERY early days for this market cycle and for cryptos in general…

Bitcoin didn’t even exist before 2009.

Since then 6,175 other cryptocurrencies and assets have been launched.

With the current bull market starting this is the best possible time to get involved.

As I keep saying this really is how life changing sums of money could be made.

If you want to make the most of the opportunity you need to act now

The markets have already started rising in anticipation as we speak.

Bitcoin is up £5,026 since January this year.

And we’re only just getting started…

Cambridge Associates, a US-based pensions and endowments firm have for the very first time suggested that…

“institutional investors should consider dipping their toes into cryptocurrencies”.

And US asset management giant Fidelity recently revealed that this is ALREADY happening.

When they surveyed 411 institutional investors including pension funds, traditional hedge funds, financial advisors and endowments they found that 22% are starting to invest in digital assets.

40% report that they’re looking to invest in digital assets in the near future.

This is a major development.

These financial juggernauts command over $23 trillion worth of assets

And remember, as we’ve seen many times before, it doesn’t take a huge amount of extra demand for cryptos to send the price rocketing.

Even if they were to invest just 2.5% of their portfolio into crypto it would create seismic shifts in the markets.

We’ve seen what happened in the previous boom when Bitcoin alone went up in value by 9,850%…

And that was largely the result of speculators and retail investors wanting to ride the boom.

I’m a cautious investor but I estimate that it’s very possible that you could make 10X… 30X or 100X gains from this coming boom and I’d love to show you how.

But you need to act fast.

There is serious money to be made trading cryptos…

To share in the spoils you need to understand the real forces driving these markets.

I’ll show you how with the right approach and advice there’s nothing to stop you from turning modest stakes into the kind of returns almost never seen in traditional markets.

Why I believe a number of the crypto assets I’ve picked out could have the potential to deliver 10X… 30X even 100X returns

I’m obsessed with analysing trends and patterns.

I use a combination of different technical analysis indicators to help predict future price movements.

This has been the staple of my trading.

As an engineer I love problem solving and building complex models – and that’s exactly the approach I take to trading.

I spent over 6 months developing my very own technical indicator based on Divergence, Relative Strength Index theory, Ichimoku Cloud Theory and Price Volume Trends…

… as well as exponential moving averages, other foundational technical analysis methods and a number of unique indicators which I created myself.

(Don’t worry, you don’t need to understand what any of that means!)

I then reviewed 44 previous individual crypto market cycles from the very end of each bear phase (the bottom) to the peak of each bull phase (top) and found the average gains were 6,048%.

These are patterns that have repeated time and time again.

And I believe that we’re only just getting started on this boom cycle.

Imagine turning a £100 investment into £6,048… £500 into £30,240 or £1,000 into £60,480 or more…

And all you have to do is wait.

No screen monitoring, technical analysis or trading in and out.

Those are exactly the sorts of numbers I believe we’re dealing with in the coming market cycle and here’s the thing…

This is nothing new…

Since 2013 there have been multiple crypto booms.

Those are just a few (I traded all three).

This is a trend that keeps on repeating after every crypto market cycle…

If you’d invested £1,000 in the 2013 crypto boom you could have made a potential £19,000…

The same stake in 2016 would have swelled your account to £52,000…

And in the last major boom your starting bank could have reached a ‘pinch me I’m dreaming’ £97,740.

I want to show you how you could profit from the next big wave.

Because each and every time the price of Bitcoin and a select group of cryptos skyrockets…

And if you can get in on the right coins at the right time you could stand to make life changing money from this.

That’s the reason I’m writing to you today.

Right now we are at the start of what could be the biggest boom market cycle these markets have ever seen.

Just imagine if you could turn an informed speculative bet of £1,000 into £19,000… £52,000… or £97,740 and then get out before the market turns.

Read on and I’ll show you exactly how you could profit from the coming events.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced crypto trader or brand new to these markets…

This is an opportunity to make gains rarely seen in any other market as the story unfolds.

These opportunities are never normally open to the ‘little people’

Let’s face it, ordinary private investors and traders like us are usually locked out of the best opportunities.

In the past, the big banks, investment funds and city institutions made sure they were first in line.

Meanwhile, you and I are usually left out in the cold with little or nothing.

Now that’s all changed…

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, anyone can get a piece of the action from the very start… without having to pay a fortune in fees or spreads to a broker.

We don’t have to get angry or jealous as the connected city types pocket another ridiculous bonus for playing a rigged game.

Our time has finally come…

I’d like to help you bank 10X… 30X… 100X+ returns over the next 2 years

There are more than 6,175 crypto assets out there you could invest in or trade more actively.

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Some will go up, some will go down.

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That’s why spreading your risk across a small basket of coins lets you enjoy the upside whilst protecting your bank.

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As part of this insiders’ club you will be alerted to further crypto trading opportunities – what and when to buy and when to sell.

Of course, you can cancel your Crypto Insiders’ Club subscription at any time and without further obligation of any sort.

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That’s why, for the first time ever, I’m offering an annual subscription option.

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Best Regards

Michael Mac
Crypto Traders’ Academy

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