Throughout this course I’ll give you a variety of tools and resources to help you on your path to becoming a successful crypto trader. And to makes things easy, I’ve listed them all here so you can have direct access as and when you need them.

Make sure you complete the relevant lesson in the course before using the resources below. In the course videos I explain why these will be valuable tools for your day to day trading and how to use them.

Course Slides & Text Transcriptions

You can download the slides and text transcriptions from each lesson to study them alongside the videos or print them out so that you can make notes on them.

To view these go directly to the lesson that you would like to view and you’ll find the slides and text transcriptions just below the videos. Click here to go to the academy list of modules.

Course Links & Downloads

At certain points in the course, I give you resources and tools to use. These are listed below each topic but here they are again for quick access. As mentioned, make sure you watch the relevant course video before using these downloads.

Coinbase: Buy/Sell Digital Currency

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet