My Favourite Coins for Altseason

by Feb 22, 2020Trade & Market Updates

When the Bitcoin and Ethereum price was going to the moon in 2017, we had an altcoin season which lasted most of 2017 and we saw absolutely massive growth for virtually all projects but some much more than others.

One central theme of that period was everyone asking what’s the next big thing?

What’s the next Bitcoin or Ethereum?

In the right conditions, we can see unfettered growth and backing the right coin makes all the difference. Given recent market conditions and the best potential for a run in altcoins since early 2017, I’ve outlined 3 of my top picks which are new projects which have great potential and I see being forerunners in any potential alt season.


Algo is a next generation platform which is looking to challenge Ethereum as the base layer of a global blockchain computer. You can read a full breakdown of the tech and this exciting proposition here.

It’s got an excellent team and the tech at this stage looks very promising including atomic transfers, smart contracts & solving the blockchain trilemma through its pure proof of stake protocol.

Another big selling point of ALGO is the liquidity. It’s listed on a nice spread of top exchanges including Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi & Binance.


I like OGN for 4 reasons…

1. The team are outstanding. They were some of the founding members of Youtube (which is now the second most visited website in the world!) and Paypal.

2. They are backed by outstanding investors from 10 different countries including Pantera Capital, which will offer superb support.

3. The size of the market they are targeting (the sharing economy) is a massive opportunity to be decentralised

4. The token is currently at a tiny market cap of 6 million.

On the downside, only a small % of the total number of coins have been issued which limits its growth in some respects. Available on Binance so liquidity can grow from there.


Hedera is another challenger to Ethereum’s throne with exciting new technology and a novel way to reach consensus on the blockchain. It pumped 800% since January so has had big gains already so

I have low ball bids set to buy the dip. Listed on Binance, OKEx and HitBTC.

To close this short post… I recently discovered that Bitcoin has been the world’s best performing asset in 10 of the last 12 years.

Regardless of your beliefs regarding crypto, the price growth has been incredible and sustainable. Which is incredible really considering all the competition and the bear cycles Bitcoin has had.

Also, at what point do global wealth managers and pension funds wake up and allocate 1-2% of their portfolio to Bitcoin and Ethereum?!

And as the big dogs Bitcoin & Ethereum grow, a rising tide lifts all boats and altcoins will rise too.

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