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There’s no time to waste…

If you want ‘in’ on what’s turning out to be the most exciting investment and trading opportunity in living memory, keep reading.

I want to show you why this booming market has a long way to go.

In fact, the biggest gains are yet to come…

First, here’s what the top 10 ‘cryptos’ did over the last 12 months:

If you’d put just £100 in each of these coins a year ago and forgot about them, today your investment would have grown to £23,175.

A stake of £500 in each would now be £115,875.

Look, I know this isn’t the first time you’ve read about how hot the market is for Bitcoin and other cryptos right now.

There’s so much hype and misinformation out there…

We’ve all seen the self-styled ‘experts’ who claim they can predict the future… identify the next bitcoin or make you a millionaire by this time next week!

Of course, they’ll ‘talk the talk’…

But scratch below the surface and you’ll discover they’re simply jumping on the crypto bandwagon.

It makes me angry that so many people will be fooled by all the hype and end up losing money.

Please, whatever you do…

Don’t buy, sell or trade Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency until you read this

The good news is that with the right approach, there’s nothing stopping you from turning even modest stakes into the kind of returns rarely seen in traditional markets.

I’ll show you how in a moment.

First let me introduce myself.

My name is Nick Laight.

I’ve worked in financial publishing since 1993.

Since then, I’ve been involved in writing, editing, marketing and publishing dozens of hugely successful investment and trading-related titles…

I’ve covered commodities, equities, derivatives, property, and dozens of other mainstream and alternative investments.

And I can tell you this…

Cryptos are – bar none – the most breathtakingly exciting way to make money I’ve EVER come across

Finally, here’s an opportunity that favours the ordinary investor or trader instead of the city insiders.

Imagine the thrill you’ll feel when the 
crypto you got into a week ago starts 
rocketing up by 200%… 500%… 800%…

…the rush of adrenalin when you log in 
and see the price has taken off…

…the incredible way three-figure gains 
can explode out of nowhere in a matter 
of days…

It can be a wild ride so you need an expert to show you the way…

And after a 6 month search I’ve finally found the perfect candidate…

Meet the crypto trader who turned £1,200 into £1.85 million and how to copy his plan

I was first introduced to XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX in April.

No, those black blocks aren’t a mistake.

I can’t reveal his real name.

As he trades some of his private clients’ accounts, he can’t afford to take risks with their money. (When you see the amounts of money involved you’ll understand.)

XXXXXX was an early investor in Bitcoin.

He first got involved in 2012 when he was working as an economist for the public sector.

At the time, Bitcoin was trading below £1.50.

Based on his analysis of the technology that makes cryptos possible and potential demand, he was convinced Bitcoin could be huge.

He managed to scrape together £1,200 and bought around 800 Bitcoins.

The price of Bitcoin surged and within a year he’d given up his job and started trading full-time.

Fast-forward to June 2017 and the price of a single Bitcoin hit an all-time height of £2,319.

That small investment back in 2012 was transformed into £1,855,200.

By any measure that’s an incredible achievement.

Look, I’m not telling you this to suggest you’ll become a millionaire overnight from crypto trading. But I do want to show you that this guy is the ‘real deal’.

And Bitcoin was just the beginning for him…

  • XXXXXX bought MSC for $3 and sold for $160 (MSC is now worth hardly anything.)
  • He also got into Ethereum at $.27 and sold 
all the way up $400.

In total, his combined crypto investing and trading activities helped him bank a further £9 million+

To say he’s a successful crypto trader would be a major understatement.

Seriously, I’ve never met a trader who’s made so much (and kept hold of it) from such a modest starting bank in any financial market.

I know he’d be cringing if he was reading these words, but it’s true.

And this success isn’t down to just luck.

He works incredibly hard to get results

XXXXXX takes every new cryptocurrency and tears it apart and asks difficult questions:

Does the underlying technology have growth potential?

Does the team behind the crypto have the necessary investment and funding?

And does it have a genuine, real-world use?

As well as his personal crypto holdings, he runs a fund which makes investments based on this in-depth analysis.

He’s also paid by some of the most influential financial institutions in the world for his independent risk assessments.

He is a contributor to Coindesk, has presented to the British government (DoE & BIS) on blockchain technology and advises on a pan-eurpopean blockchain microgrid product!

He now heads up a secret group of traders who’ve made tens of millions investing in cryptos

His private group have amassed tens of millions of pounds between them from their crypto investments and trading activities.

They all got in early on Bitcoin and have made a lot more spotting the alternative coins ‘or alt coins’ with real potential.

There are 5 core members spread across the world… in Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, New York and Dublin.

Seriously, these guys know their stuff.

Each of them brings a different skill to the group.

Amongst them are chart experts, tech analysts, and those obsessed with the fundamentals. There’s even a lawyer who makes sense of the regulations and whether a new crypto is legit or not.

I’ll tell you more about them in a moment.

Copy the real crypto insiders and learn how to pick out the hottest trades

I’ve managed to persuade XXXXXX and his team to join forces with me to create theCRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY.

As a member, you’ll plug directly into today’s hottest crypto opportunities.

You’ll be coached, supported and advised by XXXXXX and his hand-picked team to identify the cryptos that could pull in 980%, 1,395%, 6,190%…

Yes, of course there are risks.

Many of the cryptos out there right now won’t be around in a few years’ time.

That’s why you need to know which ones stand to profit the most as this market keeps growing.

And here’s the best way to do just that…

Start your risk-free trial membership today and you can learn how XXXXXX and his insider team invest and trade.

Once inside the CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY you’ll find a step-by-step training programme based on the exact same strategy used to generate tens of millions in less than 5 years.

You’ll start with a fast-track course in basic crypto investing – from setting up an account to buying your first coin.

You’ll also learn the correct way to store and keep your coins secure.

It’s all basic stuff, but is essential for your long-term profitability.

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, you’ll be introduced to the cryptocurrencies that XXXXXX predicts are set to explode in value over the coming months…

I’m talking about those with the real potential to deliver gains… like the 980% in Litecoin, or 1,395% from Ethereum Classic or 6,190% from BitShares over the last 12 months.

You’ll also enjoy access to a private members-only forum where you can get answers, share experiences and learn the insider buzz on what’s happening in the crypto markets.

And here’s the best bit…

You’ll get tipped off (by email) to new buying and selling opportunities the team have uncovered, including the exact instructions on what and how to buy.

You’ll never be left scratching your head wondering what to do…

  • You don’t need any previous experience and 
can start with as little as £100
  • You won’t be a slave to your screen or be forced to time your entry and exit points to the millisecond
  • You don’t have to use spread or binary betting to take advantage.

If you realise what an amazing opportunity this is, then I urge you to join the CRYPTO TRADERS’ACADEMY and start your trial membership right now.

And let me reassure you…

You haven’t missed the boat. 

Despite the massive gains some coins have made recently, it’s still early days for cryptos…

Bitcoin didn’t even exist before 2009.

Since then 913 other crypto currencies and assets have been launched.

Cryptos are the fastest-growing asset class in the world

The combined value of all cryptocurrencies has surged 870% over the last 12 months… from $12 billion to over $100 billion.

That’s incredible growth by any measure…

And while the market has pulled back from recent highs, the crypto market is now moving into a completely new phase.

Crashing through the $100 Billion level may well mark the beginning of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream asset, like the dollar, equities, gold or bonds.

Think about that for a moment.

These kinds of returns are never normally open to the ‘little people’

Ordinary private investors and traders like us are usually locked out of the best opportunities.

In the past, the big banks, investment funds and city institutions made sure they were first in line.

Meanwhile, you and I are usually left out in the cold with little or nothing.

Now that’s all changed…

With the rise of cryptos, anyone can get a piece of the action from the very start… without having to pay a fortune in fees or spreads to a broker.

We don’t have to get angry or jealous as the connected city types pocket another ridiculous bonus for playing a rigged game.

Our time has finally come…

And their exclusive club is fast becoming irrelevant.

They can’t use their power and wealth to corner the crypto markets.

That’s the whole point.

No one has an advantage over anyone else.

And for once, it’s the banks and financial institutions who are desperately trying to get in.

  • JP Morgan has poured $9 billion into crypto technology
  • Barclays’ are in discussions with UK regulators about adopting digital currencies
  • Dutch Bank ABN-AMRO is creating its own cryptocurrency wallet
  • Goldman Sachs has started to include Bitcoin 
in its investment notes to clients
  • The People’s Bank of China has conducted 
trials on their own cryptocurrency
  • The Danish Central Bank is considering 
a digital-only e-krone!
  • Even the ultra-conservative International Monetary Fund issued advice in June 2017 to banks that they should look at cryptos as a serious investment option.

There are now Fin tech (Financial technology) conferences in London, New York and Frankfurt put on for the financial establishment with whole days devoted to the impact of the blockchain and cryptos.

We’re not far off when Bitcoin will be quoted alongside the Pound, Euro and Dollar.

The recent boom in Bitcoin (and other coins) is partly a result of the growing distrust in banks and governments.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, ordinary people are looking for places to invest that cannot be manipulated or distorted by governments, city insiders or the financial elite.

Political uncertainty and devaluing of sovereign currencies has sent savers and investors to alternative stores of value.

More and more, people are moving away from traditional safe havens like gold to cryptocurrencies.

No matter what you may have heard about asset bubbles or passing fads, cryptos should be taken very seriously and are here to stay.

And those who ignore this fact or put their head in the sand are going to miss out on what could be one of the greatest profit harvests for ordinary investors ever.

That’s why I urge you to act right now and be prepared for the coming surge.

First, there’s still plenty of money to be made from Bitcoin itself…

Bitcoin is trading at $2,300*
could easily hit $4,000
the next few months…

Bitcoin is easily the best-known and oldest of all the crypto currencies.

And yet it’s outperforming just about every other market or asset class there is – up 260% in the last 12 months (as of 30th June 2017).

XXXXXX and his team are now predicting Bitcoin could easily hit $4,000 before the end of 2017… and then up-to $10,000 in the next few years.

I’m sure you’d agree 300%+ gain is an incredible return for a buy and forget investment.

What’s more, as the price of Bitcoin will inevitably have short term bull and bear trends, it’s possible for you to buy and sell more actively and so benefit from these mini rallies.

But don’t just leap in.

There’s the right way of doing
this and making sure you time it right

During your risk-free 30-day trial membership to the CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY you’ll be shown how to buy and hold as well as trade more actively for greater returns.

And while this prediction could help you pocket 300% return in the next few years, the longer-term profits could be genuinely life-changing…

In a report published in 2016 by Danish investment bank Saxo, analyst Kay Van Petersen correctly predicted Bitcoin’s recent surge to more than $2,000.

He’s now saying it could hit $100,000 by 2027.

That’s a surge of 3,483% from its recent high.

Jeremy Liew, the first investor in social media success story Snapchat, goes even further…

He’s predicting Bitcoin could hit $500,000 over the same period.

And Icelandic politician and financial analyst Rick Valkringe has topped even those with a prediction of $1 million per coin.

I know it’s crazy…

And we should take these predictions with a very large pinch of salt.

But even if we took Saxo Bank’s prediction, every £100 you invested today would make £4,155.

That’s an incredible return on your investment, especially for something you could effectively buy and forget about.

As a member of the CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY you’ll learn the best way to buy Bitcoin and make sure it is stored safely and securely.

Then, as your confidence grows you can start buying and selling Bitcoin more frequently.

You’ll know how to recognise potential trading points and get email alerts calling key buy and sell levels.

It means you can dip in and out of Bitcoin to make potentially even more while your buy and hold coins pick up the longer-term trend.

All this will prepare you for the new wave of coins.

How you could 
bank 980%,
or even 6,190%
in the next 12 months

There are more than 900 crypto coins and assets out there you could invest in or trade more actively.

Join the CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY, and we’ll introduce you to the coins that have the greatest upside potential in the weeks and months ahead.

As a member, you’ll be tipped off to the coins that could become the Bitcoins, Ethereums and Litecoins of tomorrow.

Of course, there’s absolutely no way to predict exactly how much you stand to make.

Some coins will go down.

That’s why spreading your risk across a small basket of coins lets you enjoy the upside whilst protecting your bank.

XXXXXX and his team are currently targeting three cryptos that are showing all the signs of taking off…

These coins are below the radar… and that’s reflected in the coins being significantly discounted to their true value.

And that could change at any moment…

Their price could take off without warning once the market wakes up to the advanced tech hiding inside these cryptos.

Join CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY today and you’ll know when and how to get in fast.

And it’s these other cryptos that could offer you the truly spectacular returns from modest stakes.

Take another look at some of the hottest coins from the last 12 months…

Ethereum up 3,825%

If you’d invested just £100 a year ago, you’d now be sitting on £3,925.

(Note: XXXXXX bought into Ethereum when it was just $.27 and traded all the way up $400 before exiting his position. He is now extremely bearish on Ethereum and advises against buying until further notice.

As a member of CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY you’ll be alerted to when.)

Litecoin up 980%

A £100 stake in Litecoin is now worth £1,080.

Dash up 1,690%

If you’d invested a modest £100 just 12 months ago in Dash, today it would be worth £1,790.

Ripple – up 4,210%

Ripple is disrupting the international wire transfer industry and its impact has been reflected in its amazing growth.

Your £100 stake would have grown to £4,310 in 12 months to 30th June 2017.

If you’d put £100 in each of these on 1st July 2016, your combined bank would be an incredible £11,105!

And yet, you wouldn’t have risked more than £400.

So just imagine if you’d staked £1,000 in each one – you’d now be up 

Can you think of another asset class that comes even close to these explosive gains?

Just look at the alternatives…

Gold is DOWN 10.95%

Silver is DOWN 21.00%

FTSE 100 is UP 12.00%

NASDAQ UP 21.00%

You can’t just buy any coin and
expect to make these gains

The only way to pick out the winners is to understand the way the technology behind these digital currencies works.

It’s called blockchain and it’s a massively complex and highly technical subject that’s constantly changing.

Sally Davis of the Financial Times summed it up perfectly when she wrote:

“[Blockchain] is to Bitcoin, what the internet is to email.  A big electronic system on top of which you can build applications. Currency is just one”

Don’t worry, you’ll never need to worry about that side of thing (unless you want to of course!).

That’s what XXXXXX and his handpicked team will do on your behalf when you join CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY.

Every member of the group brings a different skill-set and risk-appetite to the table.

So when they make a prediction, you know they’ve covered every possible angle.

Whether you’re someone who’s interested in buying and holding or trading.

And best of all they’ve done all the hard work…

All the monitoring, all the analysis and all the risk-assessments.

In fact, right now there are three coins they are really excited about.

Obviously, I can’t reveal any details.

I don’t want to spoil this for new members.

All it can take is one big investor to realise the true value of these coins.

If they make their move, the price could shoot up.

These coins really have all the hallmarks of the kind of cryptos that can double, triple even quadruple your investment within weeks or months.

And as a member of the CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY you’ll get tipped off before anyone else…

You’ll know when to buy,
sell or simply do nothing

What makes the crypto markets so exciting is just how much they can move in such a short time.

Now this kind of volatility is great news for switched-on traders.

However, inexperienced traders can panic and bail out, worried that their investment is about to be wiped out.

Of course, if you are invested in the wrong crypto, then that may well happen.

However, with the kind of advice and support you’ll get as a member of CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY you should avoid these newbie errors.

To start, go to the bottom of this page, click the button and you’ll be taken through to the secure membership application page.

This opportunity is happening RIGHT NOW.

As you read this, the price of certain cryptocurrencies is rising dramatically.

And those who hitched a ride early are all set to make potentially huge returns.

Yet there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same… safely, methodically and without taking huge risks.

But you must hurry.

I expect to be flooded with applications.

As soon as word gets out about the level of expertise involved in the CRYPTO TRADERS’ACADEMY, it’s going to go crazy.

And I have no doubt we’ll have to cap the number of members.

So please, if you’re at all interested, I urge you to start your risk-free trial membership today.

Go to the bottom of this page and click through to the secure form.

Fill in your details and you can start your 30-day trial.

You’re NEVER under any obligation.

You decide if this is right for you.

If for whatever reason you feel this isn’t for you, then just cancel within 30 days of starting and I’ll personally refund your membership fee in full.

Is this opportunity right for you?

The upside can be incredible.

And with the right advice, you are stacking the odds of making big gains in your favour.

But there are no guarantees.

This is speculative trading.

The same forces that can push these coins to make the three and four figure gains in a matter of months… are the same ones that could send prices crashing.

So no matter how tempting or exciting the potential profits might be, please don’t invest or trade money you can’t afford to lose.

But if you can spare at least £100 to get started, and won’t end up on the streets if it went to zero, then keep reading.

Of course, the more you can invest, the more potential gains you could make – the more coins you could invest and trade in.

If all that makes sense and you’d like to start your risk-free trial membership, just go directly to the bottom of this webpage and click on the button.

Everything you need to profit from
trading Cryptocurrencies…

You don’t need to know anything about the blockchain technology, economics, or fancy charting theories.

You just need a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet with internet connection.

As a new member of the CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY, you’ll discover:

  • How to set up your first crypto account
  • How to transfer money from your bank account to your crypto account
  • How to buy (and sell) cryptocurrencies
  • How to store your coins and keep them safe

Unlike day trading, you don’t need to spend hours at a time watching charts for a signal to appear.

While the crypto markets can be volatile (in a good way), there’s no need to trade in real time.

You’ll be sent all the relevant information in advance.

Just wait for the CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY team to send you an alert and follow the instructions.

Let me say it again…

You don’t need any previous crypto trading experience (or any other type of trading for that matter!).

And by joining the new CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY – you’re in the best possible place to take advantage.

You’ll be coached, trained and supported all the way by a hugely successful team of crypto traders – people who have made literally millions from these markets.

If you are excited by this opportunity, then make sure you claim your trial place today.

It’s impossible to say how high
the market could go…

It’s like investing in the railway boom of the 1840s… or the rise of the automobile… the computer… the internet…

In the last few years the leading cryptos have made gains that are nothing less than jaw-dropping…

Billionaire investment legend Michael Novogratz recently predicted that the cryptocurrency market could swell to $5 TRILLION by 2022.

That’s why I’m supremely confident that some of the people who join the CRYPTO TRADERS ACADEMY could end up making truly life-changing gains.

Remember, XXXXXX invested just £1,200
in Bitcoin that turned into

You only need a small investment to make a potentially huge return – far outstripping ANYTHING I’ve seen in the last 24 years in financial publishing.

And I’m personally underwriting the 30-day unconditional membership refund guarantee.

I’ve also made sure that the membership fee is priced at a level that most serious people could easily afford and still have enough cash left over to get started.

It means you can become a member of the CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY for just £397.

I hope you’ll agree that’s excellent value for a training programme and alert service that could easily recoup your initial investment in just a couple of months.

As you’re joining as a founder member, you also qualify for a special discount.

It means if you join today (on a risk-free trial basis) you can lock in for just £297.

That’s for everything.

Lifetime access to all the training plus the details of at least three cryptos XXXXXX and his team believe are primed and ready to take off.

But that’s not all…

You’ll also get three month’s access to
 the Crypto Insiders’ Club for Free.

As far as I’m aware no other crypto trading group offers this level of expertise and in-depth 

This is a shortcut to the most well-connected trading advice I’ve seen.

You’ll know what’s happening right now in the crypto markets…

You’ll get a weekly update by email of the very best opportunities. You’ll also gain access to the Academy’s private Facebook group.

This is a safe space where you can ask questions and interact with XXXXXX, the team and your fellow 

The subscription fee for the Crypto Insiders Club is normally just £97 a month.

This is for advice on coins which could make 
returns of up to 980%, 3,825% and 6,190% but you’ll get three month’s access (worth £291) FREE as part of 
your membership package.

After your initial three free months, you won’t have to do anything to enjoy an uninterrupted service.

Your monthly fee will automatically renew at £97 a 
month until you cancel.

As part of this insiders’ club you will be alerted to further crypto trading opportunities – what and when to buy and when to sell.

Just imagine if you’d been tipped off to a coin like Ripple a year ago.

A modest £500 stake would have turned into £21,550. Even after factoring in a full years’ membership fee, you’d have cleared £20,000!

Of course, you can cancel your Crypto Insiders’ Club subscription at 
any time and without further obligation of any sort. For some of you, three months access will be all you need to get started.

You’ll still have access to all of your CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY training materials and can re-join at any time, if there are spaces available.

For your total piece of mind this is all 
backed up by my personally underwritten risk-free guarantee.

If you’re ready, take action right now.

Look, you’ve seen the potential.

You’ve also seen how CRYPTO TRADERS’ ACADEMY can help you to pick out the best cryptos.

This isn’t a market for insiders only.

Or for the wealthy.

Or for Wall Street or City of London traders.

It’s open to the rest of us…

If you’re as pumped up as I am about the pure profit potential of Bitcoin and other cryptos, then start your 30-day trial today.

Best regards

Nick Laight

Terms, Conditions and Guarantee

*As of July 19, 2017.

Risk Warning

There is a risk of loss in all trading. Cryptocurrencies carries significant risk and should only be undertaken by those who can afford to lose some or all of their investment.

Cryptocurrencies is by its nature speculative and can be volatile. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Before investing, or if in doubt about the suitability of an investment please seek independent financial advice. Cryptocurrencies are leveraged products. They may not be suitable for you as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial investment. You should ensure you understand all of the risks.


The testimonials you’ll see are all from member’s of XXXX’s private facebook group or from direct messages he has received.

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