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Stephen M

“I began trading Cryptocurrencies in 2014 with little knowledge of the crypto sector…Through [his] initial piece of advice and countless others my holdings have gone from a small nest egg to a significant life-changing holding with Maidsafe increasing by over 6,000% and Ethereum increasing by an almost unbelievable 13,000%.”


Terry M

“There are great developers with excellent technical knowledge and there are great traders with excellent knowledge of how markets work, it is rare to get a combination of both like [he] has and I could probably count on the fingers of my hands the number of similarly talented people available globally.”



“I have been following [his] Crypto advice over the last 3 years and I am very much richer for doing so… making 13 times my initial investment… as a very novice investor, the key was the understanding I gained of the complex and changeable market. My only regret is that I didn’t take all his advice… I think my gains would be 20 – 30x what they are!”

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