Charting Corner Episode 36

by Oct 12, 2021Crypto Corner

Crypto Corner

Welcome to another Charting Corner!

In this episode we look at:

1. My market cycle analysis
– Where I think we could be in the current market cycle
– Different strategies we can deploy at different points of the cycle
– The waterfall effect
– Why all eyes are on Bitcoin and Ethereum

2. The latest news roundup
– ETFs and the SEC
– New Metamask Institutional partnerships will give small and large organisations access to DeFi
– Gensler and the SEC wont ban BTC or crypto
– A relentless stream of big money coming into the space
– Bakkt and Google partnership
– Legacy politicians and bankers will continue to move to new and growing crypto firms

3. Research you need to know about
– What is the metaverse?
– Ethereum issuance is coming down a lot and supply keeps getting locked up 🙂
– Web 3.0 and why it will be huge
– Leverage funding rates are reset
– Your weekly reminder of why Bitcoin is so important
– Scaling, Scaling, Scaling!

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