An Update on Bitcoin

by Jun 6, 2019Trade & Market Updates

Most crypto markets are still largely moving in lockstep and following Bitcoin.

There has been a recent dip in Bitcoin. This dip was inevitable as we had reached 185% increase from the bottom with the market being very overbought and the market always reacts after such a significant move.

I am personally continuing to hold my long term positions entered into since December as the bigger picture is still very bullish.

If Bitcoin dips hard towards $6k, this will be a fantastic dip buying opportunity before take-off of the larger bullish cycle.

It’s likely that Bitcoin dips further from here and I see two levels where we could bounce and would be good buying opportunities:

1. Around $7k zone.

Reasons being A) it is the 38% fib from the major move B) It is the daily Kijun zone C) Horizontal and ascending trend line support D) Bullish divergence building

2. $6-6.4k.

Reasons being A) 50% fib retracement level B) the long term horizontal support formed during 2018 C) Bullish divergence forming D) price well below daily Kijun and reaction imminent.

That’s all for now.

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