Crypto Corner Episode 118

by Oct 2, 2023Crypto Corner

Crypto Corner

We’ve had an excellent few days on the crypto markets largely driven by the ETH futures approval news. 

Rates are still the main restrictive force keeping markets down and for now, we’re stuck in a range. 

That doesn’t mean there are not great opportunities. This Wednesday at 12, I’m going to be discussing stablecoins – which could create a huge volume of traffic on the ETH network.

I hope you’ll join us. You’ll certainly have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions you like. So please take a minute now to head over to Facebook and post your questions ahead of the webinar

In today’s episode of Crypto Corner, we look at:

> A nice week of green candles and what’s happening
> What news stories are moving the markets this week
> Celestia Airdrop and why you don’t wanna miss this one
> The big picture perspective as Ethereum reaches the same number of users as the internet in 2000

That’s it for now.

Speak to you in the coming days.


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